CLOSED! Bruegger’s Bagels Review + Bruegger’s Bucks Giveaway!

Last week, I got the opportunity to visit the Bruegger’s Bakery in Raleigh, NC. I hate to say that I have actually never been to a Bruegger’s. But, man I have been missing out! The staff was extremely friendly and the food was excellent!

They offer a huge menu selection for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. So, you can order dinner at breakfast time or breakfast at dinner!

We got to try the most delicious Bagel Sandwich, “The Better Cheddar Egg Sandwich.” They put this awesome Garden Veggie Spread on it and it’s delicious! Hands down this is the BEST bagel sandwich!

Another great item they offer is their bagel bites. They typically serve it with their soups, but you can actually order them in a large quantity by request. These would be great for early morning meetings, kids soccer practices, and so much more. They are absolutely delicious and

Did you know??

  • Bruegger’s Bagels are made with only 5 ingredients so you know your getting quality food without preservatives and addatives.
  • They make their bagels fresh all day, every day!
  • Wednesday Dozen – Get a dozen bagels for only $5.99 every Wednesday at all locations. They have 305 bakeries nationwide.
  • If you slice the bagel then freeze it imediately, it will freeze in the freshness and taste just as fresh as the day you bought it!
  • They also offer a Skinny menu! Everything on the menu is 500 calories or less! Without comprising on the tast of their traditional bagel, they have a tool they created to slice the bagels into a thinner slice giving you the same bagel with half the calories!
  • Bruegger’s offers local fundraisers for organizations. So, if you have a child’s sports team, or maybe a church youth group that’s looking for a great opportunity to raise money, then Bruegger’s has got you covered with 15% of the profit!

We also got to sample their fabulous Ice Coffee! They offer 3 signature flavors:

  1. French Roast – this was my favorite! It offers a smooth traditional taste of coffee with a hint of citrus!
  2. Coconut – this is a seasonal flavor. It smells just like the beach! This one is light and refreshing with the sweet flavor of coconut!
  3. Kahlua – this is a brand new flavor they have just introduced! Just like the traditional Kahlua flavor without the alcohol. Made with a mexican based bean and offers a kick to your cup of joe!

See how you can score FREE Iced Coffee today!

Another fabulous benefit Bruegger’s offers is their coffee program. They launch a new travel mug every year in November. Purchase the mug (or if you don’t think you’ll keep up with the mug you can opt in for the key ring card) for $149 and that gets a whole year of coffee!! Simply take your mug in as many times a day and get it filled for FREE! This is huge savings!! Let’s just say that you typically buy coffee every Mon-Fri. morning for $3. You would be spending $780 a year in coffee. Now, you’re only paying $149 and you can have as much as you want! Plus, a percentage of the profits goes to the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals!

Because Bruegger’s cares about its community, they’re committed to supporting great organizations. The Raleigh stores partner with Duke Children’s Hospital to give a percentage of all proceeds to help with new advancements being made at the hospital!

They are also having Red, White, and Blue days Monday, July 2-Wednesday, July 4. Order ahead for your family get togethers or just stop in with the family for delicious treats! Donations go to support the Home for Veterans Program! This program was started to help rebuild homes for severely injured veterans returning home from war to assist them in having an accessible place to live with disabilities they may have incurred.

Plus, I have a giveaway for one you! Enter to win $5 Bakery Bucks to use at your local Bruegger’s Bagels!

Entering is easy (wait for the Rafflecopter form to load):

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Disclosure: I received no compensation from Bruegger’s, however I did get to taste their new menu items and I also received several coupons for myself and for the giveaway! #AddTheIce


  1. Amy Lee says:

    I love the mocha iced coffee coolers!

  2. Their Kahlua coffee sounds good! Would <3 to try that. Never been!

  3. plain bagel, strawberry cream cheese

  4. Ellen Levickis says:

    Jalapeño Cheddar!


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