Top 7 Free Photo Editing Software


I’m a huge fan of! If you’re not sure what I’m talking about…it’s a free online photo editing software. It’s super easy to use and it’s free!! So, now that you’re excited…I have bad news…they’re closing :( They’ve merged with Google + and as of April 19th 2012, they are no longer going to remain on their on site.

But, have no fear, I’ve created a list of other awesome sites that offer free photo editing online! I hope this helps you in your transition from or if you’ve been looking for sites to start editing your photos…then here you go:

  1. Pic Monkey – they offer basic photo editing, with tons of great fonts and frames to add flair to any photo!
  2. Aviary –  this software is a bit more complex and is more suitable for this with photo editing experience already. But, for free software they offer some big gun tools! They not only offer free online editing but you can also download a mobile app to edit your photos! This software also offers more advanced editing like vector editing and music editing as well! (You do have to register an account to use this software)
  3. FotoFlexer – I actually use fotoflexer quite a bit if there was something I couldn’t do in Picnik. This software is very user friendly and offers the layer function. This allows you to put images on top of each other and merge into one image. The font selection used to be very small but they’ve since added more. This is great for your basic cropping, light enhancing type of edits!
  4. Pixlr – is really cool and very user friendly! They offer the basic photo editing softward or the Pixlr-o-matic! This is what I used in the photo below! You can add texture, enhance colors, and add borders. I really enjoyed using this software!
  5. Lunapic – This program offers a few extra effects: create a ripple effect, paste images onto one another, create slide shows and more!
  6. Splashup – I think this one is a good combination of the more user friendly programs and the more experienced programs out there. It offers basic and more detailed options.
  7. GIMP – this software is free but you actually have to download it. I would say this software is the closest thing to Adobe Photoshop out there. With that said…it’s for the more experienced!

Here’s an example of a few of these editors…The picture on the left is the original photo and the picture on the right has been edited using! It took me maybe 20 minutes and that’s only because I kept going back and forth between a few looks! Then, I opened to combine the images onto one screen using the “layers” tab. I also added the text using the “decorate” tab.


  1. PicMonkey is my favorite!

  2. I’m a big fan of Pixlr but didn’t know about most of the others. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Dawn Wells says:

    This is a great list of free photo editing! I need to get better at using them! :)

  4. Awesome list! This is a great help, I’ve been learning about photo editing.

  5. Thanks for the suggestions

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