2-in-1 Rubbermaid Recycler Review and Giveaway!


So the coolest new recycling bin is here and I have to tell you how awesome it is! Rubbermaid has totally out done themselves this time in helping us take care of our planet by creating the items like this to help more people recycle.

This recycling bin has 2 bins built into 1 so you have more ways to be able to sort the recycleables before taking them to the curb. The top and bottom container both have handles for easy handling for you to be able to transport them. And of course….the container is made from recycled materials!

The best part is that this recycler takes up 25% less space than a regular trash can and the concept is great for even kids! My kids are able to join in the recycling process because the lower can is at their level!

You can use it as a trash can on the bottom and a recycle can on the top or just use both cans for dividing your recycled goods!

The 2-in-1 is available for purchase online at Rubbermaid.com and in store at Meijer.

Guess what?? Rubbermaid has provided us one to giveaway to one lucky reader!! Just enter the rafflecopter form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Rubbermaid provided me with a 2-in-1 Recycler to review and one to give away. I received no compensation for the review of this product.


  1. Shanda S. says

    We do recycle. We just separate things into three different garbage cans in our mudroom. They’re too small though … and it’s always a mess.

  2. Tracisme says

    i dont recycle , mostly because i have no place to stack containers for all the individual bins, but with this would be so simple

  3. juli guthrie says

    I do recycle, I usually put things on the counter then a few times a day, take them down to the recycling can. 

  4. maredarlin says

    I do recycle.  I tend to use paper bags like whole foods/outback bags at the moment for sorting along with boxes.

  5. kelsweeps says

    Leave a comment and tell me if you recycle. If you do, then what do use to store your recycled items?

    never..im a bum

  6. Shannon Alexander says

    recycling is something I need to work on.  We don’t have recycle trucks that come around our house.

  7. Tonya Thibodeaux says

    My parish and/or town does not offer recycling. However, I do collect cans and turn them in for cash.

  8. Michael Ciha says

    We recycle. The city provides the totes that we put curbside and those are kept in the garage until trash/recycle day.

  9. Tkbrogan says

    I realize that I do need to recyle more than I do now. Having something like this would be the incentive and more convenient for me to start to recycle more!  Thank you!

  10. Sharyn says

    I do recycle and i do not own any recycle containers.  I hang a bag in my utility closet for recyclables and my sister makes fun of me because I am too “frugal” to buy a container to throw them in.

  11. Mackenzie says

    We recycle big time. Even our Ziploc bags are recycled at the store’s “platic bags” bin. We use a garbage can (green) for the recycling right next to the regular trashcan.

  12. Kbroderi says

    We recycle as much as we can at our house.  We use paper bags from the grocery store to hold ours.  I would love this

  13. tamar says

    We throw our recyclables by the front door in a mess and then carry them out when we go outside. Very sophisticated method :P Tam S.

  14. Kristen Miles says

    We recycle – using the blue bin provided by our recycling company.

    The bin is in the garage though, so I would love to have one hidden in my house! ;)
    Thanks for the giveaway!~Kristen

  15. says

    I use large plastic bags for my refundable cans and bottles and I have a trash bin for paper cardboard tin etc. Glass sits on my counter until I move it to a paper bag where it sits until I take it down to the bin (when full)

  16. Shawna durk says

    yes we recycle.  we seperate in plastic bags.  this is very inconvienant because the bags always seem to fall over

  17. Kelly Tanner says

    We recycle and separate the items and would really appreciate a nice storage system! Thanks for the giveaway!

  18. Marthalynn says

    We do recycle and right now we just stack everything on the counter until someone brings it down to the garage :(

  19. Brynndexter says

    Yes we recycle but we do not have a very good way of storing our recyclable items. We usually just stack them in a bin we have in the pantry which usually overflows and someone ends up making a few trips

  20. Desitheblonde says

    thanks for the gift   and the  recycle  and the stuff we  do
    is  bottle and cans  wish to have it and try it 

    desi the blonde at msn dot  com

  21. Christine says

    We use the bins provided by the county, and leave them just outside the door.   Things tend to pile up waiting for us to take them out, though.

  22. says

    We recycle as much as we can and use the city recycling bins but they are left in the garage so this would be nice to hold the recycling inside so we don’t have to go out to the garage every time.  Thanks for the giveaway!!

  23. sandy weinstein says

    sometimes i recycle, i do thru my scraps and coffee grounds on my plants off of my front deck, bath water to water plants, recycle some things

  24. jedilynn106 says

    We recycle, but all we use is a bigger box for the smaller boxes and a grocery store bag for the plastic and aluminum.

  25. Noellengod says

    We do recycle, and we keep a trashcan in the pantry that we fill up and dump several times a week.

  26. Megan Real says

    Yes, but we have to take the recycling to a central location, so we just keep it in garbage bags and put them in the car when they’re full. 

  27. Chrystal S says

    Right now I dont recycle due to my apartment not having a place for them. But I want to start taking them down myself.

  28. Sylvia Ortiz says

    Yes, we recycle cans and plastic bottles. We just use plastic bags that we get from the grocery store.

  29. Lori L. says

    We do recycle and and right now I use shopping bags or boxes to sort things.  Would love to try this!  

  30. Jessica Sheffield says

    We recycle paper because I can drop that off at the school tobe recycled but there is no pick up in my area :( .. I just use boxes right now! lol

  31. Char W says

    We recycle.  We put things in a milk crate in the garage then take it out to the recycle bin (we have curbside service).  We collect soda and water bottles, etc. to get the money back for recycling.

  32. says

    We recycle everything. We have bins for each kind (e.i. plastic bottle, glass, paper)
    When we change the oil for the car, we drop it off at kragen (to be recycle)
    We also have a compose for all bio degradable stuff. 

  33. Michelle Westerfield says

    We try to but we have to drop them off at local drop sites.  I’ve been using paper grocery bags so this would be awesome to win

  34. Sandra Brower says

    We recycle most everything we have Bins for in the community. I live and work on a small horse ranch so I use the bags from grain and other animal food to store the recyclables in until I can haul them to the Recycle Center since the bags get recycled as well. That usually means several trips a day to put things in the shed. A lovely recycle bin inside the house would be wonderful.

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