Weaver Chicken Giveaway and Review

As a working mom of two little ones, our families schedules can be a little crazy at times. So, we are constantly looking for quick and easy meal ideas for dinner. It’s very important to us that we all sit down and eat dinner together as a family, so freeing up my time in the kitchen gives me more time with my family!

When I got the chance to try Weaver Chicken products, I was excited to find out they had Fun Nuggets! With picky eaters, fun-shaped chicken nuggets often entice my kids to eat better. I fixed the nuggets with mac & cheese and it was a hit! They were crispy and the kids loved comparing their shapes with each other! The best part is they’re ready to eat in just 10 minutes! How awesome is that?

A little history on Weaver Chicken Company

Weaver Chicken Company was started in 1937 near Philadelphia by Victor Weaver. The company quickly grew and the products are still being processed in the same plant today! Weaver Chicken is a part of Tyson Foods.

Here’s a few family fun activities you can try with your family, provided by Professional chef, author and mother-of-two, Maureen Petrosky (www.maureenpetrosky.com).

·         Dine-in together.  Just because you don’t have time to create a meal from scratch, doesn’t mean you can’t put something on the table that’s wholesome and delicious. Keep it simple and serve chicken nuggets alongside a big salad and some fresh bread from the bakery.

·         Spice it up.  Revisit your pantry or spice drawer to avoid extra trips to the grocery store. With simple ingredients such as rosemary, garlic, oregano or cilantro, you can quickly transform your family’s favorite meals into an array of dinner options. Get everyone involved in meal prep and use this time as an opportunity to catch up with one another.

·         Go camping indoors. The rule: no lights, phones or computers from dusk to dawn. Drape the couch and chairs with sheets for a makeshift tent. Put your sleeping bags on the floor, grab your flashlights, and share your best ghost stories.

·         Start a dance party. A great way to have some fun with your family is to get everyone dancing. Turn off the TV and turn on some good tunes. Make homemade trophies and prizes to give to the winners. Create special categories for best moves, best spins, most creative, most enthusiastic dancer.

·         Turn chore time into an a-maze-ing race. In ten minutes, you can create an indoor maze, complete with clues to take your family on an at-home adventure. Incorporate simple chores like putting away laundry, cleaning under the bed, or setting the table. The final reward can be their favorite dinner or an extra bedtime story.

So, if you would like to win free chicken for a month, then enter these few steps below!


  • You must be 18 years old to enter.
  • You must do at minimum the mandatory entry to be eligible.
  • You must enter by 1/13/12 at midnight EST.

Mandatory Entry

  • Leave a comment telling me you’re most creative family dinner activities.

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Disclosure: This post was written by me with my own opinions. I received no compensation for this review. However, I did receive Weaver chicken products to review and giveaway.


  1. Tracy Simms says

    I DID THE FOLLOWING: Mandatory Entry
    Leave a comment telling me you’re most creative family dinner activities.  I BAKE RAMON NOODLES WITH CHICKEN AND VEGGIES (LIKE PEAS) AND CHEESE TO MAKE A GOOD BUT CHEAPT DISH

  2. Margmclaug says

    I try to make dinner with at least one item that everyone likes so i know they will look forward to at least one item on their plate

  3. teresa faidley says

    I try to make at least one thing that everyone likes and if it is something new everyone at least has to try it 

  4. Kathleen Smith says

    I like to hide veggies into casseroles (where you can’t taste them) or baked good.

  5. Jan Messali says

    We used to make an dish from another country once a week. It gave us an opportunity to talk and learn about the country. 

  6. Fuhrman_amy says

    Instead of fussing over spaghetti night and the mess on clothes, etc- we turn it INTO a mess night. :) We make sure the table is disinfected- then dump the pot of spaghetti on the table- and let the kids dive in. Kids don’t wear shirts & just use their hands to eat. It’s so fun!

  7. Dara Nix says

    MANDATORY ENTRY:  Although my kids are grown, I always got them involved in preparing dinner whether it was washing vegetables, pouring items into a measuring cup, or mixing things in a bowl.  It was fun for them and also taught them not to be afraid of cooking!

  8. Anonymous says

    Actually the kids are grown so it’s just the hubby and me.  He likes to see the t.v.  Me, I enjoy the paper.

  9. Sharon says

    We have a toddler, so the most interesting things get when we eat is when we quiz her on animal noises.

  10. says

    The funnest thing we do for dinner is cook together and let the kids load the plates and serve!  They love the responsibility!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  11. Sylvia Ortiz says

    My most creative family dinner activity was making smores outside an a cool evening.

  12. says

    I am not very creative at all let alone at dinner time.  The only thing that I can really think of is stretching the truth to get my kids to eat some foods ie, fried scallops were Chinese chicken nuggets.. :)

  13. Anonymous says

    Our creative family dinner activity is having a picnic once a month in our back yard during pleasant weather months.  It’s so much fun and great for family bonding.

  14. Dara Nix says

    When you have 4 kids, it is hard to find things that they will ALL eat!  So I like to find new recipes that incorporate their favorite foods!  They like trying the new meals and enjoy helping fixing it with me!

  15. Truwinner says

    I think I posted this in the wrong spot…but I just made like a spaghetti bake last night because my kids were not touching the “goolash” I created, so I spread it in a pan and poured bisquick batter over the top like a shepherds pie and it’s gone tonight :)


  16. Truwinner says

    I think I posted this in the wrong spot…but I just made like a spaghetti bake last night because my kids were not touching the “goolash” I created, so I spread it in a pan and poured bisquick batter over the top like a shepherds pie and it’s gone tonight :)


  17. Skycode1 says

    My most creative dinner activity:  the whole family was sick and we hadn’t been to the store so we just threw a bunch of stuff in the pantry together and made a great Goolash.  The kids perked up and we had a blast putting it together!  Now its on our menu every week.

  18. Chrystal S says

    Everyone makes something without telling anyone what it is so no dinner is ever the same twce

  19. Anonymous says

    My most creative dinner activity was  making up cards with  2 different sishes on it that I had made for supper and my family had to pick a card to determine what they were going to eat for supper. It was fun as with 3 boys and my husband they all like both dishes and to have a good laugh this made for a super night.

  20. Kathie1126 says

    Although we don’t do this as often as we use to – one night we “use up” any leftovers in the frig to “create” a new dish. Sometimes it works and sometimes it becomes pizza or soup night. Really depends on the leftovers and what’s in the pantry. We always try to have potatoes, onions and green peppers available.

  21. Kylie Gonzales says

    Most creative dinner activity is when we eat everything on a stick so it is like the carnival. Meat, veggies, fruit, desert, everything is on a stick. My kiddo cracks up the whole time

  22. Jill24295 says

    We survived for about a week cooking over our very small firplace two years ago during an ice storm. My husband was amazed I was talented enough to make eggs, toast, chicken noodle soup, sandwiches and toasted marshmallows for dessert :-)

  23. Samantha Trivett says

    we use grab bags once a week so we get a suprise of what I will cook and we will eat!!

  24. Danielle Davis/Grady says

    My most creative dinner activity is writing 5 diff dinner choices on 5 diff sheets of paper & letting the kids pick 1 without letting them see what they are :)

  25. Danielle Davis/Grady says

    I already like Stretching Your Budget on Facebook :)
    Facebook name is Danielle Grady

  26. Corey Olomon says

    As the single father of three kids, none of who will eat what the other will, EVERYDAY I have to be creative!

  27. Louis says

    my kids love dinner consisting of fingerfood – no forks, no knives just plenty of fun

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway

    pumuckler {at} gmail {dot} com

  28. Camiele says

    My most creative dinners come when I don’t have much time to make them, so I make dishes with things I have sitting around and make it taste good!

  29. Gina Nuzio says

    My most creative meals are usually when I am in a hurry or come home late from work and then that’s when I cook everything in a baking pan. It usually consists of diced potatoes, onions, peppers, another vegetable (whatever I have on hand), and chicken with a few dashes of seasoning. Then about 15 minutes prior to taking it out of the oven, I’ll pour some gravy in the pan to mix in with the drippings and voila dinner is made. :-)

  30. Anonymous says

    Anyone who doesn’t know a word has to go look it up in the dictionary.
    Thanks for the contest.

  31. says

    We have dinner at the table, no tv for us…except for occasional movie nights. Then it’s a blanket on the floor and pizza or chicken nuggets…something simple that won’t flip flop on the floor and make a huge mess.  Our family is  SO busy with sports and hard to get too creative but now have a baby in the house so our priorities are shifting back to SLOWING DOWN and actually chewing our food:)

    ejrichter60 at gmail dot com

  32. Vicki Vix says

    Nice giveaway. Thanks.  I don’t do it now they’re grown up but when my niece and nephew were young I’d take them on indoor picnics where I’d set the tent up inside my apt or my sister’s house.  

  33. Vicki Vix says

    Follow Stretching Your Budget on Twitter as “FromFurrin”.fromfurrin at gmail dot som

  34. says

    The way I get creative with dinner is having themed dinners. My 4 year old can get picky at mealtimes so we dress up in themed costumes like chinese night, mexican night and such, then we have the meal to match the costumes! My son is much more likely to eat that night because it’s almost a game to him! LOL


  35. Fiona N says

    Our dinner activities are just simple and really quick! I cook spicy noodles with vegetable for my parents and sisters. They all love it :-)