Ways to Save: Tips to Save Money Around the House

At Stretching Your Budget, we are always looking for ways to save money! So, I thought…why not look for ways to save around your house! They can be simple and fun. The key, is to get the whole family involved! As with anything, it’s always easier to do something when you have support, so get creative and find support!

  • Sticky Notes - place sticky notes at eye level at key locations in your house to remind your family members of the simple things they can do to save money.


  • at light switches to remind others to turn off the lights as they leave the room
  • near the blinds – shutting the blinds during the day helps decrease the use of the air
  • by the thermostat – turn the air up (74-76 degrees) during the day to reduce the air continuously running during the day. The house doesn’t need to be cooled while you’re not there!
  • next to phone charger, hair dryer, etc. – unplugging simple things you aren’t using reduces the use of energy being used.
  • Change Filters - try changing your air filters and/or furnace filters every 3 months. By keeping them clean, you’re not only reducing the risk of regular maintenance, but it also allows the the unit to run at it’s maximum capacity. This allows for it to run without overworking and using extra energy.


  • Plan a “No Spend” Day – plan a day where no one in the family spends any money!


  • make your coffee at home and skip buying the specialty coffee on the way
  • take your lunch to work. Pass on eating out with your co-workers and eat your packed lunch.
  • plan a family fun night. Let your kids or spouse pick a themed dinner (mexican is always easy and fun in our house). Play board games or watch a movie at home instead of going out!
  • Treasure Hunt - You be suprised at what kind of treasures you find in your house! This is a good one to get your kids or grandkids involved with!
    • check the couch – scour for loose change and add it to your money jar (save all your change for something big)!
    • have a yard sale – not only is it a good time to de-clutter your house, but you can also find valuable items to sell and make money!
    • revamp – search your garage or basement for furniture that you might not use and find ways to repurpose it. I’m sure there’s a use for it!
  • Make your own household cleaner – using a simple recipe to create your own daily surface cleaner is a great way to save money, but also to use a product that safe for kids and pets!
    • Add 4 Tbsp. of baking soda to 1 qt. of warm water in a bowl. Use a sponge or rag to wipe down countertops!
  • Reuse Containers - I’m always trying to find ways to reuse containers. Here’s a few types we use:
  • Chinese takeout – our local Chinese restaurant uses plastic divided containers for takeout. I reuse these to take my lunch to work!
  • Deli meat containers – Hillshire Farm Deli meat comes in a rubbermaid storage container. These are the same containers you buy in the ziploc aisle. Use them for leftovers!
  • Baby wipes containers – These can be used for many things! See my post here for ideas!
  • Grocery bags – We reuse plastic grocery bags in multiple ways. You can use them as trash bags for small trash cans or for dirty diapers instead of buying the expensive small bags
  • Plastic Milk Jug – cut the top off and use it as a scoop (dog food, cat litter, etc..). Or, use it to water your plants!
  • Yogurt containers – if you have kids these are perfect for water color or painting.
  • Save on Laundry - if you’re like us, we do a lot of laundry, doing just a few things really adds up.
    • wash your clothes in cold water. This saves from using energy to heat the water. Plus, this reduces the risk of shrinking your clothes!
    • dry your clothes for the first 10 minutes, then hang them up to dry.
  • Think before you buy - don’t make any big purchases without waiting (challennge yourself to wait 30 days). Think on it, research it, and talk it over with someone. You will find that your urge to buy on impulse will pass. Or, you might even find it on a better deal!
  • Swap lights – Find the most used lights in your house and swap the bulbs out for high efficient bulbs.

What is your favorite ways to save at home?

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