Tax Free Weekend!

The back to school sales have started already and there are some great deals. But if you hang on, you can also snag some additional savings by not paying sales tax.

**Note: I’m not sure about other states, but in NC, diapers are included in the tax free weekend! I always stock up!!

Here are the states that are currently participating in Tax Free Weekends in 2011:

Alabama – Aug. 5-7
Connecticut – Aug. 21-27
Florida – Aug. 12-14
Georgia (tentative)
Iowa – Aug. 5-6
Louisiana – Aug. 5-6
– Aug. 14-20
Mississippi – July 29-30 
Missouri - Aug. 5-7
New Mexico – Aug. 5-7
North Carolina 
- Aug. 5-7
Oklahoma – Aug. 5-7
South Carolina – Aug. 5-7
Tennessee – Aug. 5-7
Texas - Aug. 19-21
Virginia – Aug. 5-7
West Virginia (dates not yet released)

If you do not live in a state that is participating (and ones not on this list could decide to any day now) and you live on the border consider a little bit further drive to save big!

Thanks A Frugal Chick!


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